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"Whether inside or outside or on a trip my son is safe at school.  There are registers, locked doors, locked gates when children are playing out.  The setting also have the first calling procedure in place.'


'I am very happy with everything Warley preschool provides keep up the excellent work.  I wouldn’t change anything'


'Always organised and high-quality evidence and learning in J learning journey.  It is lovely to see his progression and all the things he gets up to'


'All staff are cheerful, interested in all the children, engaged and professional.  General atmosphere always positive and supportive'


'Excellent.  Good relationships with all the team, they are approachable and always smiling'



July 2019





"A wonderful pre-school. My child has been exceptionally happy there. Thank you"


"Really Fantastic. I recommend Warely Pre-school to everyone I know"


"My daughters confidence, speech and learning have developed so much since starting at pre-school. She loves to go and talks about what she has learnt. Amazing staff with childrens development at the centre of everything they do.


"An outstanding setting with staff you can trust"


" All staff are very approachable. They engage at all times. They are very understanding. I can't fault them one bit. Brilliant."


July 2018



Warley Preschool is a great place for children to grow and learn.  We would highly recommend it”


“Warley preschool is an outstanding setting and I am proud to say both my children have attended there”


“Quality of care provided by preschool is unparalled.  I could not have asked for a warmer, more nurturing environment for my children.  I feel that they are cared for and loved whilst at preschool and so do they”


“The focus on the interests and strengths of each child results in strong learning outcomes.  These are always interesting topics and themes and m children often talk about these at home.  Both of my children have flourished in their time at Warley preschool in developmental terms”


“Fantastic relationships with carers.  If ever I had any concerns or worries about a particular issue with my child they were always helpfully resolved and reassured me completely”


“All staff have a warm and friendly manner, they are approachable and available for guidance when needed.  They keep parents informed on progress and issues arising”


July 2017



“All staff are friendly and approachable, communication between staff and parents is outstanding”


“Communication via a wide range of media.  Good use of verbal and written feedback. Open and honest environment and relationships”


"The staff at Warley are all outstanding.  They are all very professional and show commitment and dedication every day.  Moreover they are supportive of parents and incredibly

approachable.  They’ve been invaluable to me during the past year”


“Brilliant.  Staff always communicate well with parents on a daily basis” 


June 2016


"All staff are very understanding with the children and take fantastic care of them."


Fab quality of care. My son really feels at home at preschool."


"All staff provide an excellant qaulity of care to all children."


"Clear communication and parents are kept fully informed via learning journey and at pick up and drop offs and parent afternoons."


"Excellant, relaxed, yet professional.  All know the kids very well and all very knowledgable. Lovely atmostphere."


"staff are extreamly professional, every single member knows each child and where they are in their development.  You can see the dedication and hard work.  Thank you."


July 2015

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